Sefton / Sifton
Worcester in 1785
Worcester in 1785 by the river Severn and the Dents Glove factory chimney, origin of the Sifton family.
Herbert Sefton
My father:
Walter Sefton (1913 - 1983)
My Grandfather:
Herbert Sefton (1875 - 1941)

He was a farmer at Bishop Wilton near York. Born in Scarborough in 1913 and was twin to Beatrice, he worked for Tonks & son as a French polisher until called up in into the Green Howards for WW2. He was badly injured in Cyprus in 1941 and came home and decided to go farming. In 1947 he took a farm in Bishop Wilton. He later became a local councilor and did many things for the community such as helping to obtain the local playing field where Tennis, Soccer and Cricket is played and also was instrumental in obtaining village street lights. He married Dorothy Rivis in Scarborough in 1937 and had three children. Died Feb 1983 aged 70.

Married: Dorothy Rivis - 11th Sept 1937 in St.Marys Church Scarborough

Children: Robert, Richard & Andrew in 1956
Robert Richard and Andrew

Born in Cardiff in 1875 and married in Scarborough to Mary Jane Todd in 1896. He is seen in the photograph above holding his first born son Herbert in 1897. In the 1891 census he was age 16 and his occupation was 'printing (machine)' and was living at home in 20, St. Pauls Avenue, Balsall Heath, Birmingham (very close to the Edgbasten Cricket ground) along with 10 siblings and his father Herbert an Assistant Grocer who died in July. His mother Matilda (nee Fear) was from a family of printers from the Bristol area. In the mid-1890's he moved to Scarborough to become a colour printer for ETW Dennis Printers in Scarborough who printed the first postcard in the world in 1894 at the Scarborough works (at the time that Herbert was working there). In the 1911 census, his widowed mother Matilda was living at 319, Simmaids Terrace, in Newcastle upon Tyne with 2 of Herbert's brothers Edward (25) and Albert (24). Edward was a salesman for typewriters and Albert was an Electrical Engineer. Herbert joined the 2nd Northumbrian Brigade in 1914 and saw out the war as a reserve. He had eight children which included 2 sets of twins but left Mary in the 1920s and moved to Leeds.

*In 1928, was employed as the Foreman in charge of the Platten, Single Colour, Letterpress Machines at Storey Evans Ltd of Rawdon. After that it is believed he moved to Hunter’s Letterpress Printing Works at Armley, where he possibly became a Manager. His family was left in Scarborough and he became separated from Mary Jane. Mary Jane died in first QTR 1939 and Herbert Married Ellen Baker in Leeds in June 1940. Herbert died in Leeds in June 1941 aged 66 of Cerebral Thrombosis after a lifetime of working in the printing industry.

*Source Michael Nellis who married his granddaughter Kathy (daughter of his son Herbert (Bert)) (an email 2005)

Married: Mary Jane Todd- 19 Dec 1896 in Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Scarborough

Children: Herbert (b. May 1897), Norah, Gertrude, Edward, Ronald, (William & Grace) twin , (Walter & Beatrice) Twin

Family stories told us his brother was Ernest Sefton, a famous Music Hall comedian who starred in many 1930's and 1940's movies appearing with George Formby and Old Mother Riley. His catch phrase was "eh what a to do!". However, I have since learned that Ernest Sefton was a stage name and he was really called Ernest Henry Tipton who was born on 15th January 1883, South Hackney and married Elizabeth Jane Hearne on 10th February 1906 at Swindon, Wilts and died 5th December 1954 at Kingston, Surrey aged 71. His sister was Violet Loraine the famous music hall singer who sang with George Robey.

Walter Sefton Soldier
Walter Sefton was in the Green Howards in the war. This photograph was taken circa 1940. Herbert Sefton in his Northumbrian Brigade Reserves Uniform about the time of WW1.

My Great Grandfather:
Herbert Sefton (1845 - 1891)
My Great Great Grandfather:
Benjamin Sefton (Sifton? )(1819 - 1888)
Herbert was born in Worcester and was baptised in Worcester St. Clement 4th Dec 1845. Sometime between 1851 and 1861 his father Benjamin moved to Brigend in Glamorgan. His family were involved in Worcester's Glove manufacture and by this time the industry was suffering from foreign competition. In 1870 he married Matilda Sophia Fear and on his marriage certificate his occupation is shown as a Seedsman. He had five children. The 1881 census shows him called Henry Sexton (enumerator mistake?) living in 85, Lr Broughton Road, Salford as a Pork Butcher. On the marriage certificate of Herbert (his son) who married in 1896 it shows Herbert to be Grocer (assistant). Herbert's brother Benjamin ran the Mermaid hotel in Mumbles which unfortunately has recently been demolished. Died Aged 45 at his daughter Blanche's house at 20 St. Pauls Avenue, Balsall Heath and registered at Kings Norton 8 Jul 1891.Died aged 45 of Pythiosis Pulmonotis. (I think this is an infection like Pneumonia)

Married: Matilda Sophia Fear - 24 May 1870 in Bethany Chapel, Cardiff

Children: Beatrice Matilda, Blanche, Herbert, Ernest, Robert, Edward, Reginald, Jessie, Albert, William

Benjamin was baptised in St. John's, Worcester 16 Jun 1819 and was from a family of shoemakers, glove makers and leather workers. He married Jane Mayers a glover on Jan 20th 1840 in Powick and on the marriage certificate his name is recorded as 'Sifton' and occupation of 'Skinner'. His son Herberts marriage certificate shows him to be a 'Fellmonger' (a trader of animal skins). Sometime between 1851 and 1861 he moved to Brigend in Wales when he changes the family name from 'Sifton' to 'Sefton'. The 1861 Census shows him living in 115 Angel Street, Newcastle, Bridgend with his wife Jane and seven children. Benjamin was a keen gardener and on 7th Nov 1868 won first prize in the Brigend Labourers Friendly Society competition for his Vegetable growing and also his Parsnips, and runner up for his garden in Newcastle, Brigend, and a further prize for his Parsnips in 1879. Benjamin and Jane eventually had eleven children. Benjamin died aged 69 of Apoplexy 3rd Jul 1888.

Married: Jane Mayers- 24 May 1870 in Bethany Chapel, Cardiff

Children: Beatrice Matilda, Blanche, Herbert, Ernest, Robert, Edward, Reginald, Jessie, Albert, William

My Great Great Great Grandfather:
John Sifton (1786 - 1856)

In every record John's surname was recorded as Sifton except on his death certificate. John married Sarah Pumphrey on 28th August 1808 and had ten children. He was a Leather Dyer and Glover. Gloves were commonly made in Worcester. He died aged 70 on 16th Dec 1856 in St Michael's parish, Worcester South, of Apoplexy. His occupation was recorded as Leather Stainer.

Married: Sarah Pumphrey - 28 Aug 1808 in St. Helens, Worcester

Children: Benjamin, Richard Brook, John, Phoebe, Sarah, Elizabeth, Martha, William Pumphrey, James, Mary Ann

My Great Great Great Great Grandfather:
Benjamin Sifton
(1763 - ?)

He was baptised in 20 Mar 1763 in St. John's Worcester. He married Phoebe Freeth on 27th March 1785 in St. Clements, Worcester and had seven children.

Married: Phoebe Freeth- 27 Mar 1785 in St. Clements, Worcester

Children: John, Benjamin, Sarah, Thomas, Eli, Phoebe, James


My Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather:
Francis Sifton
(1720? - 1810)

From the Worcester area (I have not found his birth record). There were various Sifton names in the villages like Stoke Bliss to the North West of Worcester. I can find no record of a marriage of any Francis Sifton and an Elizabeth for around 1750. All the birth records for the children say the father and mother is Francis Sifton and Elizabeth. He lived to 85-90 years of age and was buried on 23rd Feb 1810 in St. John Bedwardine.

Married: - The only possible one so far found is a marriage on 14th Jun 1747 in St. John's Bedwardine, Worcester of Francis Sifton and Sarah Turner (Sarah did have a sister Elizabeth). It is possible that Sarah was also known as Elizabeth. But it is a mystery why the marriage was recorded as Francis Sifton and Sarah Turner and all the children were baptised with parents of Francis Sifton and Elizabeth. The only girl born was named Sarah.

Children: Francis (b.1750), James(b.1753), Sarah (b.1756), John (b.1759), Benjamin (b.1763)


St. John's Bedwardine, Worcester from my visit in Feb 2013. Early generations of Sifton were baptised, married and buried here.
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